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    Friday April 27th—Fake student loan experts, Square acquires Weebly, illegal loot boxes, and more

    Today we're talking about

    • A trusted, and totally fake, student loan expert
    • Kazhakstan changes its alphabet
    • BigCommerce raises a huge growth round
    • Belgium makes “loot boxes” illegal
    • Square acquires Weebly
    • “Manipulated” blog posts on the Wayback Machine
    • Snapchat launches a new version of Spectacles
    • A new app to help you work on multiple monitors
    • And finally, losing faith in p-values
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    Tuesday April 24th—A device that can control your dreams, the RSS renaissance, what are blockchains good for?

    This is Hacker Daily, for Tuesday, April 24th, 2018. Today we're covering,

    • A device that can control your dreams
    • Is now the perfect time for an RSS renaissance?
    • Blockchain: what is it good for?
    • The evolution of windmills
    • Is Google the next company in the privacy hot seat?
    • How Artificial intelligence is helping scientists discover new materials
    • A homemade barcode scanner for your pantry
    • And finally, Did you know that 2018 is already 30% over? If you had this app, you would.
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    Monday April 23rd-HD video without battery, Stripe Home, Flickr acquisition, and more

    This is Hacker Daily, for Monday, April 23rd, 2018. Today we're covering,

    • Streaming HD video on a battery-free device
    • Stripe Home and when to build vs. buy
    • A journalism student finds out she won the top prize in her field, while she was in class
    • Is your Gmail account sending automated spam?
    • The designer of Mac fonts and icons wins the top award in her field
    • Flickr gets acquired, again
    • To test or not to test
    • And finally, in product launch news, Github releases a tutorial bot, and a there's new personal CRM called Conduit
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    Friday April 20th—Facebook social login abuse, the perils of growth at all costs, and a new coding app for beginners

    This is Hacker Daily, for Friday, April 20th, 2018—

    • Third-party trackers are abusing Facebook social login
    • A former Reddit employee says he made the xworld a worse place
    • The quest for the next billion-dollar color
    • Google releases an app to teach people how to code
    • The unpaid work that's part of job interviews
    • And finally, Apple open-sources a NoSQL database.
    • Just a quick reminder, the episode notes include links to every story we discuss today
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    Thursday April 19th—Mozilla walls off Facebook, faux leather from mushroom roots, the Javascript trademark, $89 laptops

    In this episode:

    • Mozilla releases a browser extension to wall off Facebook
    • A new leather-like material made out of mushroom roots
    • Oracle forces the takedown of an app for using the word “Javascript”
    • An amateur mathematician tackles a decades-old graph theory problem
    • Are open offices better than closed offices?
    • Get ready for your $89 laptop
    • Forget “sunglasses”, here come Ever heard of “sun-lenses”
    • And finally, the BBC released over 16,000 sound effects under a free license
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    Wednesday, April 18, 2018—Canadian teenager in jail for GETting public data, 10-year old Windows freeware makes a comeback, Russia blocks over 16 million IP addresses

    t's Wednesday, April 17th, 2018, and here's your update:

    • A canadian teenager is facing prison for downloading unsecured files from a Nova Scotia government website
    • 10-year old Windows freeware makes a comeback
    • Facebook explains what data they collect on other websites
    • Europe's data protection authorities have their sights on the WHOIS database
    • Why Microsoft built its own custom Linux kernel
    • Russia blocks over 16 million IP addresses
    • And finally, Why New York City Stopped Building Subways

    Feedback appreciated! info@hackerdaily.co

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    Tuesday April 17th — Amazon warehouse conditions; Is it time to rebuild the web?; much more

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    Monday April 16th 2018—Right to be forgotten, why entrepreneurs start companies, SpaceX funding, and more

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