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    Friday April 27th—Fake student loan experts, Square acquires Weebly, illegal loot boxes, and more

    Today we're talking about

    • A trusted, and totally fake, student loan expert
    • Kazhakstan changes its alphabet
    • BigCommerce raises a huge growth round
    • Belgium makes “loot boxes” illegal
    • Square acquires Weebly
    • “Manipulated” blog posts on the Wayback Machine
    • Snapchat launches a new version of Spectacles
    • A new app to help you work on multiple monitors
    • And finally, losing faith in p-values
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    Tuesday April 24th—A device that can control your dreams, the RSS renaissance, what are blockchains good for?

    This is Hacker Daily, for Tuesday, April 24th, 2018. Today we're covering,

    • A device that can control your dreams
    • Is now the perfect time for an RSS renaissance?
    • Blockchain: what is it good for?
    • The evolution of windmills
    • Is Google the next company in the privacy hot seat?
    • How Artificial intelligence is helping scientists discover new materials
    • A homemade barcode scanner for your pantry
    • And finally, Did you know that 2018 is already 30% over? If you had this app, you would.
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